About us
Our Company
Yalworld Miniatures is a small, independent miniatures company dedicated to producing fine quality 28mm fantasy gaming miniatures for ‘old school’ roleplayers, wargamers and collectors. We have been in business since May 2000. We have commissioned some of the best sculptors in their fields.

Our Miniatures
Our figures are sculpted in a variety of media, moulded and cast in pewter or resin, and packaged in attractive blister packs and boxes.  We describe our miniatures as 28mm, meaning that an average-sized human would stand at around 28mm tall.  However, not many of our figures are average-sized humans!  For monsters, we use a scale of 5mm on the model to represent 1 foot of height.  
So a 10 foot tall Ogre would be represented by a 50mm tall miniature.  Most of our figures are modelled with ‘slotta-tabs’ and supplied with appropriate plastic bases.

If you have any suggestions about miniatures that you would like to see us produce in the future, please contact us for a chat or visit our forum, where you can also find up to date information about new releases and future plans.
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